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dark Secret
The new thriller from Abigail Chen
When a young mother goes missing, a small town is left in shock...
Things take a sinister turn when a body of a young boy is discovered in a nearby quarry. But is there a connection? Alison is new to town & with time on her hands, finds curiosity getting the better of her. Can she find clues that the local Sherif has missed? As it seems she is nearing the truth, things take a shock turn & Alison finds clues that lead to her own doorstep.
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Paperback, Kindle
A dream home purchase quickly turns into a nightmare.
Ajay & Julieta can't believe that selling their NYC apartment block has meant they can buy in rural Ohio. As work begins to turn the historic red brick house into their dream boutique B&B, strange events find the couple questioning if they should have come & if they can ever leave…
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Paperback, Kindle
Abigail Chen is the hottest name in Crime fiction right now!
New York Times

About the author

Best-selling crime writer Abigail Chen appeared in the New York Times best-sellers list in 2022 and has 4 internationally published crime thrillers under her belt.

Abigail hails from Columbus, Ohio and is a graduate of the University of Iowa where she was named the university’s Distinguished Writer in Residence in 2019.

She was awarded Crime Authors Quarterly’s Fresh Blood Award in 2021 and is currently working with a production company on the screenplay for ‘The Long Walk Home’ for TV.

When not writing, Abigail loves to cook, brew her own craft beer and go hiking with her dog Chestnut.

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